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      Yangling Agricultural High-tech Development Co., Ltd is a joint stock limited company established after the approval of People's government of Shaanxi province and the initiative of Northwest A&F University. 45.75 million registered capital, mainly focuses on agricultural high-tech research and development, incubation and popularization of achievements. Our business includes agricultural biological engineering breeding, Chinese herbal medicine planting, fast seed reproduction, cultivating of new species of agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry, demonstration and popularization of landscape engineering, agricultural capital operation, information technology consultation.

      Based on strong researching and developing strength of Northwest A&F University, bearing the mission of agricultural high-tech industrialization, we have become a leading enterprise for large-scale development of western China.Taking technology innovation as spearhead and capital as bond, we have been continuously developing agricultural high-tech products, expanding scale of market, building flagship of Chinese modern agriculture, serving for higher output of agriculture and higher income of farmer.

      We have built three technology research and development center, four seed breeding base at Shandong, Hainan, Shaanxi and Gansu province, possessing 15 proprietary technologies and products with intellectual property rights including rape species like Shanyou No.8, Gaoke No.2 and  Ganza No,1; Chinese cabbage species like Qinbai series; Corn species like Gaoke No.2, Gaoke No.3; Wheat species like Xinong series. These years, we put more efforts on developing new species of vegetables and have made a breakthrough in progress. We bred hybrid peppers like Gaoke Ganhong and Gaoke Changxian series, Tomato like Gaoke Meiqi series,  fruit cucumber like Gaoke Oubao series, eggplant like Kemei series, Cabbage like Chunyou series, and we have been approved and welcomed by markets. Our seed industrialization management have begun to take shape.Yangling Agricultural High-tech Development Co., Ltd is one of the two enterprises with crop seed management certificate in Shaanxi province at present. We have been listed as the most important high-tech enterprise by Shaanxi provincial government and Yangling demonstration region government. we are also a leading enterprise of agriculture industrialized management project of Shaanxi province and a high-tech enterprise. The trademark Yangling High-tech has been a famous trademark of Shaanxi province.We have about 40 employee, more than 91% of them got bachelor's degree, 12 specially engaged experts and doctors, scientific researchers and senior managers who are full of management experience of science and technology enterprise, are enterprising leaders in their field.

      We are committed to building a people oriented and harmonious enterprise, actively bringing in excellent talents, focusing on developing scientific research strength and building elite managing team, adhering to quality, service, integrity and innovation, base on Shaanxi, toward whole country,  serving for agriculture, countryside and farmer, willing to create a splendid future with people from all walks of life!


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